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Your Dedicated Lutron Controls Technician and Supplier in Etobicoke

What sets ARA Electrical Contractors & Consultants Inc apart from other electrical contractors operating in Etobicoke is our commitment to technological advancement. We’re relentless consumers of trade magazines and frequent attendees at industry conferences and showcases, all for one singular goal: to bring you the absolute best and latest developments in lighting controls for your home or business.

This is why we at ARA Electrical Contractors & Consultants Inc pride ourselves on being the number-one contractor dedicated to Lutron lighting controls in Etobicoke. The home automation solutions that Lutron controls allow you as a home or business owner are revolutionary. Let us show you just how bright that future can be!

The Future of Lighting Is Here

Imagine this scenario: you walk into your home after a long day at the office. By the time you put your keys into the door, your home is perfectly lit, with transparent shades blocking out the harsh glare but still allowing the dreamy sunset light to pass through. The heat has been on for exactly long enough to ensure your home is at the temperature you prefer it.

Your kitchen is well-lit, ready for you to prepare the night’s meal. And entertaining guests has never been simpler—at the touch of a button, your Lutron dimmers set your home’s lights to suit any mood you desire.

With Lutron lighting solutions, these dream scenarios are reality. Lutron switches allow for control of every aspect of your home’s environment. Your heat and lighting are both remotely operated and most of the Lutron switches are battery-operated, so you don’t need to install new wiring to fully automate your home.

Luxury Lutron Lighting and Heating Saves Time and Money

Not only are Lutron’s home automation products incredible for making your house a space you can truly be at home in, but they also can save you money on electrical and heating bills.

By activating Lutron dimmers at preset times, you’re only lighting and heating your home when it makes sense to. Your electricity is off during the workday without the irritating need to reset every thermostat in the house when you get home. Choosing us to install and maintain Lutron products is a smart way to bring your home into the future without sacrificing the health and wellness of the planet.

Authorized Lutron Suppliers

We’ve been working with Lutron’s sophisticated technologies for as long as we’ve been in business. And we’re excited to help usher Etobicoke living spaces into the 21st century with smart lighting solutions that work for every home and business owner. Some of the products we install and sell are:

  • Lutron Sivoia QS Shades System
  • Lutron Homeworks QS System
  • Lutron Radio RA and compatible Systems

Our competitors offer similar products, but only ARA Electrical Contractors & Consultants Inc is the top name in Lutron lighting and technology. It’s time for your home to join the smart revolution. Come see the magic of a house that’s connected to your life. What are you waiting for? Call us today!