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Lighting Controls

ARA Electrical Contractors & Consultants Inc is the first-choice electrical company for residential lighting control. Our company is pleased to offer energy-efficient, cost-effective home lighting and shading technology.

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Comprehensive Lighting Control Services

There's no limit to the convenience and cost-saving benefits that advanced lighting control can provide. Our company is passionate about tailoring our innovative automation technology to fit our clients' needs and budget. Whether you want a single, basic, wall-mounted dimmer or sophisticated, voice-controlled software for the entire house, ARA Electrical Contractors & Consultants Inc is at your service.

Call us today to set up your no-obligation, personalized consultation. We'll send a qualified technician to your door or speak with you over the phone to discuss your needs in-depth.

Lutron Lighting Control Systems

Our company is pleased to offer the best brand name in lighting control: Lutron.

Lutron products are cutting-edge technology wrapped in a user-friendly, sleek package. Lutron wallplates, dimmers, controls, and shades all come in a large selection of colors and styles to match your desired aesthetic. Whether your taste is classic or bold, you're sure to find a complementary Lutron product you'll love!

Save Energy and Money with Lighting Automation

Lighting automation customizes your energy usage and results in significant cost savings. Our expert technicians can set up your home lighting system to automatically adjust to your needs with the help of state-of-the-art light and motion sensors.

When you leave the room, your lights will turn off on their own, or we can even set up a programmable lighting system. Watch as your monthly utility bill plummets thanks to our progressive lighting control technology.

Create the Perfect Ambiance with Home Lighting Technology

Try out our cutting-edge dimmers to create the perfect ambiance for your date night. Hosting an outdoor patio party? Our energy-efficient, outdoor lighting solutions will brighten the evening and add enchantment to the atmosphere.

Home Shading Control

Our top-of-the-line shading systems can diffuse light, protecting your furniture, art, and hardwood floors from the harsh, damaging sunlight. Our optimized shade opening and closing settings will take advantage of the sunlight while blocking solar heat gain to lower your cooling expenses. What's more, our shades are made of premium materials and will be a stunning addition to your home décor.

Commercial Lighting Services

Our qualified technicians offer commercial lighting control services. Cut down on corporate energy costs or install programmable lighting for upgraded security. Your commercial property will benefit from the convenience, energy-efficiency, and security that lighting control provides.

We have the skill and resources to handle even large-scale commercial projects. Don't hesitate to give our team a call to find out more.

30 Years of Experience in Lighting Control

Our company has over 30 years of experience in the lighting automation industry. We're passionate about delivering easy-to-use, energy-efficient technology to our community, for the good of our clients and our planet. For all your residential lighting needs, contact the company that cares. Contact ARA Electrical Contractors & Consultants Inc today.